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Clients called me a "Mercenary with a Camera". I prefer to think of myself as an eccentric renegade.

The #1 biggest expense in your life is not a house

The biggest financial delusion of all is the conception that buying a house is the biggest expense that the average person ever has. Totally wrong! The biggest expense is not the cost of the house itself, but the interest you pay over the life of the mortgage. The interest costs you much more than the house sold for. Add up the total interest costs that most people pay over their lifetimes, mortgage interest, credit card interest, car loans, etc, and you will see that interest is the biggest single expense for almost everybody. Paying interest is totally voluntary. Instead of paying interest to somebody else, and making them wealthy, if you only invested that money, instead of giving it to somebody else, you would become so wealthy that you could afford to buy anything that your heart desires, and pay cash for it.
Ironically, everything costs less when you pay cash, because you don’t have the extra interest expense, and usually the cost of extra insurance too. Getting off the interest treadmill will make you wealthy, instead of the lenders, and reduce your cost of living dramatically. The lower your cost of living, the easier, and quicker, it is to become financially independent. Interest is what makes people wealthy, but unfortunately it makes the people who receive it wealthy, and not the people who pay it.

If you did nothing in your entire life except invested all the money that you spent on interest, you will become very wealthy.

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"Mercenary with a Camera"

Dan started a photography business at 13.  After a winter day that was 18 degrees below zero, he went on vacation to the Florida Keys to warm up, and stayed for 28 years.  He was financially free at 38 and retired. He met a cute blond and fell in lust.  She fell in love (with his stuff),  and they spent money like drunken sailors.  When the money ran out, she ran out, (with her cocaine dealer).  Dan and his camera went back to work, and he retired a second time 48 months later, at age 44.  Then he did everything on his bucket list (except for seeing the Northern Lights).  Then he was bored and went looking for something to do with his time, so he built two airplanes.  After the planes were done he got bored again, so he started this blog, to show you how to communicate with video in today’s world, and become financially free in only a few short years, just like he did.

- Dan Baker -