Vans RV-14 climb performance up to 17,500′

Vans RV-14 climb performance to 17,500′ I recorded my Vans RV-14 rate-of-climb as I passed thru each thousand foot altitude.  The autopilot was on, using 95 knots indicated airspeed for the climb to altitude.  As the RV-14 passed thru each thousand foot altitude I recorded the Garmin G3X display showing the rate of climb and […]

This must be heaven | My Vans RV-14

A recent flight in my Vans RV-14 was like being in heaven.  Tale a look and see if you don’t agree. This video was shot entirely with one GoPro Max 360 camera.  After retiring at 38 and doing everything on my bucket list, I built an airplane and spend my days flying around the country. […]

How Pros use a GoPro Max 360 camera

Professionals use 360 cameras differently When a Pro uses a 360 video camera like my GoPro Max, most of the time you wouldn’t recognize the video as 360 video.  In this video I shoot a scene with a GoPro Max 360 mounted underneath the left wing of my Vans RV-14.    Then I edit that […]