Flyin’ the Flyers!

This video might seem like total fluff when you first look at it, but things are very seldom what they appear to be at first glance.  The REAL purpose of flying these flyers all over the mid-west, and hanging them in FBO’s is not to promote a FREE BBQ.  The real purpose is to get […]

How-To be both creative AND all business at the same time

Super-Niche teaches you how to be both creative AND totally businesslike at the same time, so clients relate to you. I’ve created my very own personal New World Order, and spent decades doing both photography and videography for huge multi-billion dollar businesses, and this is what I’ve learned. I’m Dan Baker, and I teach you […]

How-To find recession-proof areas in the United States

Recession-proof areas of the United States do exist. The Super-Niche teaches you  that there are areas of the United States that are so slightly effected by recessions compared to the rest of the country, that for all practical purposes they are recession-proof. Living in one of these areas might very well be the single most […]

Callsign “Tango Victor”

A lot of people ask me where I got the callsign “Tango Victor” so here is the story.   I lived in the Florida Keys for 28 years.  I was a freelance news cameraman and completed over 3,500 assign,ents for ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN and two spanish-language networks Univision & Telemundo. I recorded this video […]