How Pros use a GoPro Max 360 camera

Professionals use 360 cameras differently When a Pro uses a 360 video camera like my GoPro Max, most of the time you wouldn’t recognize the video as 360 video.  In this video I shoot a scene with a GoPro Max 360 mounted underneath the left wing of my Vans RV-14.    Then I edit that […]

How I mounted a GoPro Max 360 to my Vans RV-14

Mounting a GoPro Max 360 camera to my Vans RV-14 Here is how I mounted a GoPro Max 360 camera under the left wing of my Vans RV-14. I show you where I mounted it and what brackets I used. Learn how best to orient the GoPro Max 360 for best results, and how to […]

How I shot this video with one GoPro Max 360 camera

I used one GoPro Max 360 to shoot the video “How tailwheel pilots build a runway”. The entire video was shot with one GoPro Max 360 camera in about 30 minutes. In this video I show you how I used the GoPro Max to get all of the shots. At the end I show you […]

How-To mount two GoPro cameras on a Cessna 172

How I mounted two GoPro cameras on a Cessna 172. To video a student pilot at Fulltron Aviation, in Springfield, MO, doing his very first stall, I mounted two GoPro cameras on he Cessna 172.  One GoPro was mounted inside the cockpit to record student and instructor, as well as recording audio from headsets.  The […]

How it was done | Pitts Special and GoPro 360 Max

This is how it was done I mounted a GoPro 360 max on a Pitts Special to make a video, “Flying the Pitts”,  for our local pilots group called the HillBilly Squadron.  It looks like a multi-camera shoot, but was done entirely with just one GoPro camera.  The GoPro 360 Max  allowed me to edit […]

Magnetic GoPro mount for aircraft cockpits

Magnetic GoPro Mount for loud and cramped aircraft cockpits See how I made a custom magnetic GoPro mount for my RV-14 cockpit. Mount a standard GoPro and a 360 GoPro together and record both intercom audio and engine sound at the same time. Get unlimited cutaway shots while you’re shooting with standard GoPro, without getting […]

How-to record realistic GoPro audio in loud aircraft cockpits

The Super-Niche shows you how to create your own content better & faster than “experts” can, and at ZERO COST. Recording realistic audio on your GoPro in a loud aircraft cockpit can be challenging.  The problem is that the camera either records with the built in mic and the engine sound is so much louder […]

How-To be both creative AND all business at the same time

Super-Niche teaches you how to be both creative AND totally businesslike at the same time, so clients relate to you. I’ve created my very own personal New World Order, and spent decades doing both photography and videography for huge multi-billion dollar businesses, and this is what I’ve learned. I’m Dan Baker, and I teach you […]

Custom dual GoPro mount for cockpit

The Super-Niche shows you how-to create your own content better & faster than “experts” can, and for ZERO COST.  Professional cockpit video requires recording both headset audio and raw engine sound, blended together to re-create what pilots hear while flying. Multiple cameras shooting different angles provide the “professional” look for your video, but show the […]

How-To find recession-proof areas in the United States

Recession-proof areas of the United States do exist. The Super-Niche teaches you  that there are areas of the United States that are so slightly effected by recessions compared to the rest of the country, that for all practical purposes they are recession-proof. Living in one of these areas might very well be the single most […]