This must be heaven | My Vans RV-14

A recent flight in my Vans RV-14 was like being in heaven.  Tale a look and see if you don’t agree. This video was shot entirely with one GoPro Max 360 camera.  After retiring at 38 and doing everything on my bucket list, I built an airplane and spend my days flying around the country. […]

How Pros use a GoPro Max 360 camera

Professionals use 360 cameras differently When a Pro uses a 360 video camera like my GoPro Max, most of the time you wouldn’t recognize the video as 360 video.  In this video I shoot a scene with a GoPro Max 360 mounted underneath the left wing of my Vans RV-14.    Then I edit that […]

How I mounted a GoPro Max 360 to my Vans RV-14

Mounting a GoPro Max 360 camera to my Vans RV-14 Here is how I mounted a GoPro Max 360 camera under the left wing of my Vans RV-14. I show you where I mounted it and what brackets I used. Learn how best to orient the GoPro Max 360 for best results, and how to […]

How I shot this video with one GoPro Max 360 camera

I used one GoPro Max 360 to shoot the video “How tailwheel pilots build a runway”. The entire video was shot with one GoPro Max 360 camera in about 30 minutes. In this video I show you how I used the GoPro Max to get all of the shots. At the end I show you […]

How-To mount two GoPro cameras on a Cessna 172

How I mounted two GoPro cameras on a Cessna 172. To video a student pilot at Fulltron Aviation, in Springfield, MO, doing his very first stall, I mounted two GoPro cameras on he Cessna 172.  One GoPro was mounted inside the cockpit to record student and instructor, as well as recording audio from headsets.  The […]

How it was done | Pitts Special and GoPro 360 Max

This is how it was done I mounted a GoPro 360 max on a Pitts Special to make a video, “Flying the Pitts”,  for our local pilots group called the HillBilly Squadron.  It looks like a multi-camera shoot, but was done entirely with just one GoPro camera.  The GoPro 360 Max  allowed me to edit […]

Magnetic GoPro mount for aircraft cockpits

Magnetic GoPro Mount for loud and cramped aircraft cockpits See how I made a custom magnetic GoPro mount for my RV-14 cockpit. Mount a standard GoPro and a 360 GoPro together and record both intercom audio and engine sound at the same time. Get unlimited cutaway shots while you’re shooting with standard GoPro, without getting […]

How-to record realistic GoPro audio in loud aircraft cockpits

The Super-Niche shows you how to create your own content better & faster than “experts” can, and at ZERO COST. Recording realistic audio on your GoPro in a loud aircraft cockpit can be challenging.  The problem is that the camera either records with the built in mic and the engine sound is so much louder […]

Hillbilly Cam

Hillbilly Cam is what the Hillbilly Squadron uses to produce videos (pronounced VA-DAY-OH).  I’m the official videographer (pronounced VA-DAY-OH-GRAPHER).  Sometimes you can have a lot of fun when you don’t care one little bit what other people think. Click on the video below. I’m Dan Baker, and I teach you how I was able to […]

Custom dual GoPro mount for cockpit

The Super-Niche shows you how-to create your own content better & faster than “experts” can, and for ZERO COST.  Professional cockpit video requires recording both headset audio and raw engine sound, blended together to re-create what pilots hear while flying. Multiple cameras shooting different angles provide the “professional” look for your video, but show the […]