Retire early & live your bucket-list

After the SHTF – How will you earn a living?

Super-Niche teaches you how to create your very own New World Order so that after the SHTF  you will thrive, no matter what the future brings?

I’m Dan Baker, and I teach you how I was able to be so successful in both the photography and video businesses, with what I call the Super-Niche. I was able to earn enough with my cameras to be able to retire at 38, and spend several years traveling the world living my bucket-list. The world today is changing rapidly, with the future uncertain. Everybody is wondering just what the New World Order will be. I decided to create my very own personal New World Order, to become totally prepared, to not only survive, but to thrive, no matter what the future brings.

Nobody knows what the future will be. Well, maybe except for the people who are actually causing all of the crazy things that are happening in the world right now. But for the rest of us nobody really has the slightest clue as to what the future will bring. Some people believe that SHTF is coming, and they will only survive by “bugging out” with their gun to the boondocks, ready to shoot anybody that tries to take their stash. Others believe that the financial system will collapse causing hyper-inflation, and the only way to be prepared is to hoard gold, or silver. Other’s believe that the only solution is to buy as much Bitcoin as they can.

Whatever you believe the future will be, there is still one question that you need to ask yourself. Once the great reset has taken place, whatever it turns out to be, how will you cope with the real world of the future, whatever that real world turns out to be. How will you earn a living? What skills do you need to have so you can provide for yourself and your family, no matter what the future reality is. What skills do you need to thrive in the new normal, and not just survive?

Today, as we are in the middle of the world changing day-by-day, right before our eyes, there is a mass awareness of people realizing that maybe they should be able to grow their own food. Or have basic skills that they can use to barter with other people: carpentry, auto mechanic, plumbing, electrician, etc. That makes a lot of sense, and I totally agree.

But what about skills that will allow you to do more than just survive? What kind of skills do you need to have, to really thrive in the new normal, whatever the new normal turns out to be? What skills can you develop that are so basic that they are universally needed, but still so valuable that you can live a real lifestyle, and not just survive? What skills will you need for the real world, the world of the internet, the iPhone, and digital currency?  A world dominated by social media and not the “mass media” of the past?  A world of Amazon and Walmart, instead of neighborhood stores? The world of electric vehicles? The “New Normal”?

Imagine if you have skills that every business needs.  Skills that can replace 4-5 employee’s, or vendors, and will save the business owner a huge amount of money compared to having to pay 4-5 employees ,or buying services from 4-5 different specialty businesses. Instead of being an employee of that business, or starting your own business and having, you offer to be a partner to the business owner. You provide the business owner with all the different skills that you have, but instead of being an employee, you are treated like a business partner. That is what I do, and you can learn how to do the same. You will never have to be an employee, and you never have any of the headaches of actually owning the business. And you are not an employee.

No matter what happens in the future, whether it’s another lock-down, another pandemic, inflation, hyper-inflation, deflation, stagflation, cryptocurrency collapses, or cryptocurrency replaces the dollar, U.S. Dollar loses reserve status, massive unemployment, recession, depression, or anything else, one thing will never change. Every business is always going to be looking for more customers. The most valuable skill-set to have in the future, no matter what the future turns out to be, is to be able to promote a business. EVERY business desperately needs those skills. And I will show you how you only need to learn the most basic skills, in order to do what I do. You can do everything that 4-5 other so-called experts can, much faster, and at ZERO-COST!

It’s estimated that 90% of businesses eventually fail, and the main reason most business fails is because they did not have enough customers. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 20 percent of small businesses fail within the first year. By the end of the second year, 30 percent of businesses will have failed. By the end of the fifth year, about half will have failed.

Ask any business owner who the most valuable person in their business is. Almost every small business owner will say that the person who generates business is the most valuable person they have. Knowing how to promote a business is THE single most valuable skill that any business needs. No matter what the business does, no matter what field it is in, the most valuable skill-set that any business needs is knowing how to promote their business.

A business typically does these things to promote their business.

They hire these so-called “experts”

  • Advertising Agency
  • Public Relations firm
  • web designer
  • YouTube expert
  • social media expert
  • SEO expert
  • Digital Marketing Agency


Then they end up buying ads on EVERY platform that each of their herd of so-called “experts” recommend

  •  newspapers
  •  magazines
  • television
  • radio
  • billboards
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads


So-called experts, in any of these fields, attempts to make “their” specialty seem so complicated that nobody, except of course for an “expert” like them, could possibly do it. And then once they have you convinced how complicated what they do is, they always seem to take forever to get anything done. The more billable hours they can charge you, the more money they make. None of these so-called “experts” cares about how profitable your business is. They are only out to make as much profit for themselves as possible. You’re about to learn how simple all of these “complicated” things really are, and how you can do them all yourself, with only the most basic skills.

You, one person, with nothing more than a GoPro and a laptop, can replace ALL of these so-called experts, and save the business a HUGE amount of money. You also prevent the business owner from having to deal with 4-5 (or more) different so-called experts. Do you think a business owner would be interested in talking to you?

Who am I, and why should you listen to me?

  •  I started photography business at 13
  • spent over 40 years making a living behind the camera
  • Specialized in advertising and PR tourism industry, cruise lines and destinations
  • I’ve also completed over 3500 jobs for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN & Fox News
  • I have produced several outdoor television series.
  • made enough money with a camera to retire at 38
  • I’m currently retired, and helping a friend promote his new businesses

But you don’t need to believe me. Check out what I am doing day-by-day helping to build several businesses for my friend, and also one social organization.

  • several businesses under one business umbrella
  •, a social organization that I am a member of

You can see what I actually do day-to-day, using only a GoPro and a laptop. I build the website, run multiple Youtube channels, and also do all the social media and SEO. I do it all with very basic skills that anyone can easily learn. I will be putting up how-to videos, showing how I do all these things, on my personal Youtube Channel. I will explain how and why I do everything the way I do, on my blog at You can watch my videos and learn from my blog to learn how to do the same thing I am doing.

Don’t think in terms of being an employee, or owning a business of your own, Think as yourself as a partner to a business owner. Every business owner today knows that the internet IS the future, and that they need a website, they need to be on social media, and then need to create content. To most business owners, they do not understand any of these things, and end up hiring several ‘so-called’ experts to do all of these things for them

  • build a website
  • create content
  • do social media
  • buy ads
  • SEO
  • do Public Relations
  • create Advertising


And then they spend lots of money buying ads on EVERY platform that EVERY of their “so-called” experts recommends

  • radio
  • TV
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • Google
  • Facebook


One person, who is willing to learn the very basics, can promote ANY business and make it grow. At the same time they also save the business huge amounts of money they would have spent doing conventional marketing. They also save the business owner from having to deal with 4-5 different so-called experts.

If you’re a business owner, or thinking about starting a business, you can learn how to do everything yourself, better, faster and for ZERO-COST. Just watch and see what I am doing, and then learn how as I show you how to do it yourself. What would your life be like if all the money that you would have spent on hiring lots of “so-called” experts and buying huge amounts of ads all went into your retirement account instead? How early could your retire? How wealthy would you be, just from the money that was not wasted needlessly?

If you’re looking for a career with limitless potential, in any field you choose, and you can start with almost no cost, I will show you how to do exactly what I do. You will have no-competition, It’s almost impossible to find anyone who does everything like I do. From a business owners perspective you will be a one-stop shop for everything involved with promoting the business. And if any business would ever want to replace you, they will have to hire 4-5 people, or agencies, to do everything that you do. You will be the most valuable person in any business that you choose to work with.

To learn more about Dan Baker, you can read his bio and client list. You can read all of Dan’s articles at his archive.  He uses the techniques in the Super-Niche to build the website for Fulltron Aviation, which is an umbrella of several aviation related businesses: Flight School, private airport, a social organization called the Hillbilly Squadron, and How-to GoPro videos.

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Dan started a photography business at 13.  After a winter day that was 18 degrees below zero, he went on vacation to the Florida Keys to warm up, and stayed for 28 years.  He was financially free at 38 and retired. He met a cute blond and fell in lust.  She fell in love (with his stuff),  and they spent money like drunken sailors.  When the money ran out, she ran out, (with her cocaine dealer).  Dan and his camera went back to work, and he retired a second time 48 months later, at age 44.  Then he did everything on his bucket list (except for seeing the Northern Lights).  Then he was bored and went looking for something to do with his time, so he built two airplanes.  After the planes were done he got bored again, so he started this blog, to show you how to communicate with video in today’s world, and become financially free in only a few short years, just like he did.

- Dan Baker -