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Here are some of the major clients Dan has produced photography and video content for: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, Associated Press, United Press International, Univision, Telemundo,  Austrian Television, Fuji Television, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, People Magazine, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, Sportfishing Adventures. Florida Keys & Key West, Cayman Islands,  Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Out Islands, Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland American Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Wyndham Hotel Group, Marriott International, Hilton Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Searay Boats, Fountain Powerboats, Offshore Powerboat Association.  Major motion pictures : True Lies, Speed 2: Cruise Control &  James Bond License to Kill.  Plus hundreds of individual motels and resorts in the Florida Keys, Bahamas & Caribbean, and numerous documentaries and television shows.

About Dan - the short version

Dan started a photography business at 13.  After a winter day that was 18 degrees below zero, he went on vacation to the Florida Keys to warm up, and stayed for 28 years.  He was financially free at 38 and retired. He met a cute blond and fell in lust.  She fell in love (with his stuff),  and they spent money like drunken sailors.  When the money ran out, she ran out, (with her cocaine dealer).  Dan and his camera went back to work, and he retired a second time 48 months later, at age 44.  Then he did everything on his bucket list (except for seeing the Northern Lights).  Then he was bored and went looking for something to do with his time, so he built two airplanes.  After the planes were done he got bored again, so he started this blog, to show you how to communicate with video in today’s world, and become financially free in only a few short years, just like he did.

All about Dan - the longer version

More than you probably wanna know!

Dan was born at a very early age.  Thirteen long years later, one month before beginning his freshman year in high-school, he finally had the courage to become a professional photographer.  Those first pictures were not the greatest, but at least he was getting paid to take photos.   Four years of forced servitude (some people call it high-school) created a major impediment to Dan’s budding photography career, but his perseverance let him overcome.  Seventeen years after his story began he was finally paroled (got that high-school diploma).  By the start of his eighteenth year, Dan owned three different medium format cameras, a full Nikon 35mm system with more lenses than he had fingers to count with, including Nikon F in a custom underwater housing (that was used for photoshoots in the Bahamas), a Nikonos underwater camera, a Sinar-F 4×5 camera system and an 8×10 view camera.  Plus a full set of studio lights.  He was also a trained scuba diver and licensed pilot, and was becoming proficient in both underwater and aerial photography.

Not knowing what he didn’t know, Dan figured that with all of that fancy photography gear he must be a really great photographer, so he raised his rates enough to become the highest priced photographer in this part of the country.  His photos were actually starting to be pretty decent by that time, and when businesses heard that Dan was the highest priced photographer in the area, they must have thought that meant he was the best photographer, because the phone started ringing, and clients who used to hire the best commercial photographers started hiring Dan instead. 

Well… the story continues on, and on, and on.  One winter, when it was unusually cold, Dan decided that he hated the cold, so he packed up and moved to the Florida Keys.  Clients in those warm tropical islands must have been as fooled by all that fancy camera gear as the clients in the frozen north were, because major hotels and resorts soon started asking Dan to create their brochures, rack cards and post cards.  In one of his weaker moments, Dan let himself be talked into helping out a network news crew, who needed a second cameraman for a local shoot.  That didn’t go quite as planned, because he soon started getting hassled by calls from ABC, CBS, NBC & CNN, who wanted him to be their freelance cameraman in the Florida Keys.

Bad news must travel fast, because it wasn’t long after that before the Florida Keys Tourism Development Council became so desperate that they asked Dan to shoot all of they’re promotional video.  There must have been some sort of conspiracy going on, because not very long after that a suspicious phone call suggested that Dan pack up and ship out.  He was getting mighty tired of all those phone calls telling him where to go, but he went anyway.  The ship they told him to ship out on was a brand new Carnival Cruise Ship on it’s maiden voyage, and he was going to shoot promotional video of the new ship.

Well… the story continued on, and on, and on… and on, and on, and on.

Eventually Dan had completed over 3,500+ assignments for the major TV networks.  He had been on so many cruises that he lost count, and almost every major hotel and resort in the Florida Keys had brochures and rack cards that Dan had created.

Then life happened, Dan’s dad was getting older and his health started failing, so Dan moved back to where it all started, to spend time with his dad while he was still alive.

… and somewhere along the way Dan managed to accumulate nearly 7,500 hours of flight time as a commercially licensed pilot of both airplanes and helicopters.  Well… at least he was a pilot when he wasn’t jumping out of planes…


Photography has been Dan’s main gig since he was thirteen years old. After high-school he concentrated on industrial and commercial photography.  After moving to the Florida Keys he specialized in the travel and tourism industry.  He not only created advertising and public-relations images for major hotels and resorts, he also produced their brochures, rack cards and post cards.

The cruise industry was the other main segment of Dan’s photography career during the years of living in the islands.  He was based in the Florida Keys, but he also traveled extensively throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean, several European countries, as well as Central America and Mexico.

Dan learned to scuba dive when he was a sophomore in high-school, and when he was fifteen he did his first underwater photoshoot in the Bahamas.

He got his pilots license when he was nineteen, and after moving to the Florida Keys he got his commercial helicopter pilot license.  He has accumulated nearly 7500 hours of flight time in both single and multi-engine airplanes as well as helicopters. He owned a helicopter company in the Florida Keys that specialized in aerial photography and video.

Besides specializing in advertising and Public-Relations photography, Dan has extensive experience in both aerial and underwater photography and videography.


For many years Dan called the Florida Keys home.  He was always smiling because he never had to work a day in his life.  Dan’s side-hussle in those days was shooting video.  As a freelance cameraman for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, Telemundo, Univision, and multitudes of TV stations he completed over 3500+ assignments over 25+ years in the Keys. Throughout all those years in the islands he also produced several outdoor adventure shows about fishing and scuba diving, that were syndicated on hundreds of TV stations across the country.  His work has also been used by clients like National Geographic and Discovery Channel.