It’s easier to retire in 4 years than 40 years

Most people can’t achieve financial freedom even after 40 years. Dan Baker has retired three times before age 44.  He shows you how to retire in 4 years.  What he shows you can change your entire concept of achieving real financial freedom.  Nobody agrees with him, because nobody has done what he has done. Dare […]

Fire – Fire – Fire – Fire – Ready – Aim

Fire – Fire – Fire – Fire – Fire Ready – Aim – Fire is how most approach life. Well, almost everybody. Dan Baker takes a slightly different approach to life. Dan’s slight twist on Ready – Aim – Fire is more like this. Fire – Fire – Fire – Fire – Fire – Fire […]

Stupidest person in the world

Meet the stupidest person in the world. That would be me, Dan Baker. I’ve done more stupid stuff in my life than anyone else. Retired at 19, and then blew it all by 25. Retired again at 38, then guess what? Blew it all again… on a cute blond this time though. You don’t know […]

Photographers are Eunuchs

Photographers are like Eunuchs. Eunuchs are castrated harem watchers.  Being a Eunuch might sound like a great career, but trust me, it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.  Spending all day hanging out with all the harem girls.  But all you can do is watch… because you have been castrated!  Dan Baker spent […]

What if a steakhouse niched down?

If a steakhouse “niched down”, what would it look like. With it seeming like everybody, and every business, seeking to niche down these days, Dan Baker explores this question, what would a steakhouse look like if it really niched down? From Dan’s slightly different perspective, or make that really different perspective, you’ll never think about […]